Information Certificates

Body Corporate Information Certificates

An Information Certificate is required to be obtained to allow for settlement of the property to account for any outstanding levies payable by the seller or any reimbursements that the seller is entitled to. The Certificate sets out the amounts payable to the Body Corporate in the body corporate’s current financial year, including any amounts due but unpaid. The legislation provides that a new owner becomes jointly and severally liable for any contribution, instalment, penalty or other amount payable to the Body Corporate that is due but unpaid when they become the owner.

When ordering a Strata Records Inspection Report we provide an additional service to reduce the added responsibility of ordering the certificate separately at a later date.

We will hold off on ordering the certificate until after “Due Diligence” and closer to Settlement to allow for more accurate figures to be provided. Information Certificates can be ordered when you request a report, this is not an individual service.

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