Returning Officer

What is a Strata Management Returning Officer

The essence of the secret ballot is that the voter’s choice is made secretly without coercion

Impartiality is vital to the role of the Returning Officer.  We have been undertaking these duties for many years and have proven ourselves to be accessible, dependable and professional.

In our role as a Returning Officer we will act under Instrument of Appointment and perform all of the following functions:

(a)            receive secret voting papers;

(b)            decide questions about eligibility to vote and voting entitlements;

(c)             decide whether a vote is valid.

(d)            count votes, or inspect the counting of votes;

At the conclusion of the count the body corporate can be assured that the results reflect the wishes of their members without fear or favour.

Many body corporates are now choosing to have all motions voted on by secret ballot in particular with contentious issues being decided without emotions or fear of what others will think of the body corporate members vote.

We look forward to assisting with our service please contact us in relation to fees as there are many variables such as after hours, weekends and special requests.

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